NSS-CDS Has Stopped Printing Underwater Speleology

That is a headline you will soon see unless you speak up.

Current NSS-CDS BOD members have already made up their minds to stop printing the UWS. They have sent out statements, written vague UWS articles, posted witty comments on the NSS-CDS web site -- "No need to run to your mailbox.", and even created a misleading poll on the NSS-CDS website.  All of these will provide them what they need to defend their decision to stop printing UWS.

Why would they stop printing UWS? Is it the massive costs of printing? Actually, it kind of is. They need that money for other things. They need that money to create a "state of the art training" facility at Cow Springs replete with a changing room and steps. This is what they have to have so their customers can have a "better" experience.

I have noticed more and more pictures and conversations online of outings to this new "private" training facility. Check out a PADI TecRec blog entry, you will see one of the NSS-CDS BOD members (Harry Averill) and 3 other people getting ready for a dive at Cow Springs. Only 1 of the other 3 divers is listed as an NSS-CDS member (Grant Graves). Don't you have to be a member of the NSS-CDS to dive Cow Springs? Not really, NSS-CDS instructors may use Cow Springs as a training site. So was our BOD member teaching the PADI TecRec folks or just plain breaking the rules? Maybe they are all NSS-CDS members and just aren't listed in the member database.

TAKE ACTION! Let the BOD members know that you reject their attempts to decimate the organization and create their own private training and guided diving agency complete with customized marketing list and "left wanting" new website with stylized new NSS-CDS logo. To me, it really seems like they are pushing certifications and trying to fill their pockets vs. actually doing something for the membership (is anyone else tired of socials, socials, socials?). An example of this ramped up effort would be me getting a NSS-CDS e-mail at my work e-mail address. To my knowledge, I have never given the NSS-CDS that e-mail address. It looks like they are are loading up their databases so the members of the NSS-CDS BOD can market to as many people as they can -- they need more money and the BOD is a perfect platform from which to accomplish that goal. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Not all the BOD members are performing their duties as a benefit to the organization (altruism); they are simply trying to benefit themselves (greed). Some will immediately ask why I don't / haven't run for the NSS-CDS BOD. Quite frankly, I do not have the time to perform that duty as it should be; I understand that and am not afraid of that as a decision.

Do you really want the printed version of UWS to go away? If you do, no worries, keep doing nothing like everyone else. The 40 or so responses of those wanting to keep the printed UWS pale in comparison to the rest of the membership that wants it to go away (written tongue-in-cheek). It's hard to believe so many NSS-CDS members want the printed version of the UWS to go away. At the NACD conference Saturday an informal poll (raising of hands) was taken. Only 4 people raised their hands when the membership was asked if they wanted the NACD to stop publishing the NACD Journal. I like the approach the NACD took -- actually asking the membership. If the current NSS-CDS BOD decides to no longer print the UWS I will cease being a member. I currently pay for a 3 year membership and that expires this year. I will now be going year-to-year until this issue is resolved.

For NSS-CDS members, I implore you to DO SOMETHING! SPEAK UP! If you are not satisfied with the BOD's decisions, vote with your wallet -- I WILL!