Cave Diving and the True Story of Bottled Water

Many of you, that know me, know that I am passionate about Florida, our karst and the the damage the water bottling industry does to it. I have heard long time cave divers advocate how extracting water from the aquifer is actually good for the State. Yeah it doesn't make sense to me either! They have tried many times to look like environmentalists but they just want more money (pretty typical in Florida Cave Country).  Making money is not bad at all  but lying about how you do it is!

I seldom post to my blog as is witnessed by the lack of keeping it up to date but I do post a lot on twitter if you want to read some of my random thoughts.  Things that I feel are important enough to memorialize, I post here.  Given that, I want to share a video with the few readers I have.  I have watched this video a few times and feel it more than warrants as many views as it can get.  Get the message out and STOP buying bottled water!  I know a good place to get water filters so let me know if you are interested. Please take 8 minutes to watch the video below and help spread the word.