Cave Diving Tools

In a couple of weeks I am headed out of the country to do a more detailed survey of a cave we were working in last year.  I was hoping to have a smaller version of the cave radio we used at Weeki Wachee but Ken Smith doesn't have any to spare.  Honestly, his is labor of love making those things; 300 turns of smaller-than-hair width Mumetal is more than my ADD-plagued mind can take.  We are simply going to use use the old, tried and true method of tape and compass.  Normally, I just make a matrix in my survey notebook and start from there.  However, Jason Richards has recently converted his Rite in the Rain dry cave survey paper (product #R-168) to be more fitting to the underwater world -- THANK YOU Jason!  If anyone is interested in picking some of these up, you can call Rite in the Rain and request custom order product #R-237.  As an aside, Rite in the Rain's Field Ring Binder (product #210) handles the paperwork perfectly.  You might have to trim the edges of the notebook to fit them in a drysuit or wetsuit pocket though.

As for this site, I am constantly adding new cave systems both in the US and other countries.  Take a look at the new flag-based navigation at the top of the Cave & Cavern List and let me know what you think. Hopefully soon we will have some great new expedition news to report. Until then, please take a look at some of the recent expeditions I have been involved with over at Advanced Diver Magazine and the ADM Exploration Foundation.