Cave Divers Find Ancient Monkey Fossils

Photo: Curt Bowen So this is what we have been up to in the Dominican Republic.  Last year's trip to Gri Gri Divers lead to our discovery of a primate skull.  We later contacted Dr. Alfred Rosenberger from Brooklyn College in New York.  He brought us back down for two more trips; the first to recovery the original monkey skull and the second (last month) to look for more fossils.
Here are some links that discuss our find as well as the enormous scientific impact is has made:

We are proud to be a part of this great research and exploration and look forward to more expeditions to the Dominican Republic. The picture to the left is of Eric and I collecting monkey bones in a small cave; the picture was taken by Curt Bowen.

I have also been busy adding new cave systems to the database and adding countries as well -- I have even listed cave systems in Bosnia!  If you would like to have cave systems added or would lilke to see other features, please let me know.