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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Ellaville (Edward's) Spring enters the Suwannee River from the east approximately 13 miles northwest of Live Oak. From the intersection of I-10 and US 90 northwest of Live Oak, travel about 5.7 miles northwest on US 90 to just before the bridge over the Suwannee River. The Springs Fever website gives the following directions for accessing the spring from US 90: “turn right on the dirt road that cuts sharply behind the agricultural inspection station on the north side of Highway 90. Turn left on a dirt/grass path just before the railroad tracks and drive about 150 feet toward the river. The spring will be 100 feet to the west (left).” It is surrounded by private property and can be accessed by traveling downstream from the boat ramp at the Suwannee River State Park approximately 0.3 miles, to just below the confluence of the Withlacoochee River. The spring run flows in from the east side of the river downstream from the railroad trestle.

Description – Ellaville Spring discharges from a cave system in the limestone banks of the Suwannee River. The small spring pool is approximately 6 ft in diameter, and it has vertical limestone walls that reach heights of about 15 ft above water level. In April 2002, the spring water was tannic; however, the water normally is clear and bluish. The spring pool is situated about 80 ft up an enlarged limestone fracture through which the spring run courses. The spring run is approximately 8 ft wide and averages 8 ft deep. Divers report that the spring depth reaches 150 ft within an extensive cave system associated with Ellaville Spring. The cave system reportedly extends underneath the Suwannee River eventually connecting with Suwanacoochee Spring cave system.

Utilization – The spring is undeveloped and located on private property that is adjacent to Suwannee River State Park property. It is a popular cave-diving location.
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Latitude: 30.38407
Longitude: -83.17264
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 145'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
4/22/2019 Kyle Nevins 15 Flow was extreme cleared some sticks that were wedged in the fissure but could not pull myself deeper then 40 foot due to flow. Also 2 trees are down on the path to the spring.
7/9/2017 Elisha Gibson ~20 Wow, a week makes quite a difference in this cave! The water was markedly more tannic and showing about a one degree increase in temperature. Flow seemed higher in the crack, but the syphon pull towards Suwannacoochee was lower, and flow in general seemed lower after the first 200 feet or so. Particulate was same as first dive, not too much.
7/1/2017 Elisha Gibson 20 My first time in the system. Entrance was relatively easy due to low water level. We were able to gear up in sidemount on the rocks towards the river. No rope required. Flow was strong coming out of the crack (can't compare to the usual), but pumping clear water. The line was a little loose coming down the crack, but no cause for concern. The line was covered in a pile of debris at the bottom of the crack, but we were able to unearth it and follow the main line. We stay left at the T's and eventually came to the backward arrows signaling the halfway point to Suwannacoochee. The flow began to change and we decided to head back out. We heard the train above on the way out and the vibrations dislodged some silt from the ceiling. We had decent visibility on exit.
6/4/2017 Jason Richards 20-25 Flow is fair to moderate, entrance line to the bottom of the shaft is intermittent. Rest of the lines are covered in growth but intact.
12/12/2015 Stacy Dreher 15-20' The river is low which makes the entrance easier right now for side-mount. You can kneel on the rocks nearest the river to suit up. Flow was noticeable but not bad and the vis was okay.
9/8/2010 Scott 15 feet The river level of the Suwannee is down and so is the flow inside Edwards. The flow coming up the fissure was not as bad as when I usually dive here. Inside the cave, the flow was down and it was a much easier swim than it was an April.
9/19/2009 Craig Gaffka Bad Went to dive Edwards but had to cancel the dive. Viz in the basin was 8' at best and very dark and tannin.
4/19/2008 Dogdiver 5 With this site so close to the suwannee it remains tannic. But man what a flow...should be divable in a few weeks.
1/7/2008 DogDiver 80 Flow is down, nice vis. Suwannee rising.
10/31/2007 Craig 20-30 Good conditions, water is brown as almost always with about 20-30' of viss. Flow was notably down also.
7/23/2007 Ken Anderson 100 Did a recon dive after diving Anderson. Use extreme caution getting and out of this site. Very steep and moss covered rocks and path. Take ropes to help you out. The flow is strong, vis 100 Line in good shape. Dropped down the verticle shaft to 106 feet where it leveled out and turned the dive to return with mix. As with Anderson, no is the time to dive this site with the Suwannee level so low...
2/15/2007 akcaver 0 Stopped by the spring on 2/10 and found the viz to be blown due to the higher river levels. Decided not to dive, less than 2’ viz in the pool. The past couple weeks had 30’ viz and low flow, hopefully its back to that soon.
2/15/2007 akcaver 0 Stopped by to check out the spring on 2/10, discovered the spring was
1/3/2007 SLIM 30 Flow down, once down under the fissure, the vis was clear with the walls very dark and the line was very dark and covered in trash and leaves. Noticed many sections of nasty looking silt pilied up ready to be distruvebed.
8/20/2006 Sam M 15' Dove Edwards this evening. Pretty solid flow, but not as crazy as it can be. Vis was decent, maybe 20', at best, but there was a lot of particulate in the water, and at times vis dropped considerably. Got to hear a train go overhead... always cool.
4/9/2006 Jay Titen 20' Went to Edwards today with the intent of diving it. The flow was intense. It was so strong that you could hear it crashing against the rocks before it dumped into the river from 40yards away. The water was clear and you could see a good ways down the fissure.
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