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Latitude: 20.2983
Longitude: -87.4154
Coordinate System:
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 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
12/7/2006 Richard Hicks 100+ Dove to this exit via Caracol with Suzan and Dave. Made the jump off the Caracol main line . Line is in great shape, viz was incredible.
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Description Type Date Author Remarks
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Nahoch Nah Chich  Nahoch Nah Chich 235 True True True 8/3/2023 0.8
 Overview Information Available for Vaca Ha  Vaca Ha True False False 7/5/2023 4.6
 Overview Information Available for Escondido  Escondido 86 True True True 7/14/2021 8.9
 Overview Information Available for Gran Cenote  Gran Cenote 50 True True True 9/13/2014 4.8
 Overview Information Available for Car Wash  Car Wash 70 True True True 5/6/2014 4.9
 Overview Information Available for Kolimba  Kolimba True False False 12/4/2011 4.7
   Muchachos 70 True False False 11/21/2011 4.9
 Overview Information Available for Tux Kapaxa  Tux Kapaxa 60 True False False 6/18/2011 4.4
   Xunaan Ha 45 True False False 11/14/2010 4.7
 Overview Information Available for Dos Ojos  Dos Ojos 391 True True True 11/13/2010 2.4
 Overview Information Available for Tres Estrellas  Tres Estrellas 60 True False False 3/16/2009 4.5
   Caracol 55 True True True 3/15/2009 0.1
 Overview Information Available for Temple Of Doom  Temple Of Doom True True True 3/13/2009 5.5
 Overview Information Available for Cristal  Cristal True True True 12/31/2008 8.7
   Uchben Na Illod 35 True False False 3/2/2007 0.8
   Luk Dzonot True False False 12/5/2006 0.8
   Cenote Don Polo True False False 12/5/2006 0.9
   Mol Balam True False False 12/4/2006 0.8
   Chamzizil True False False 12/4/2006 1
   The Pich True False False 4.9