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Continuing on the Coba Road a short distance past Gran Cenote, you will come to the entrance of Vaca Ha (“Cow Water” is Spanish and Mayan). The entry is gated; a professional guide can help you with admission fees and other entry requirements.

The cave entrance is a short distance from the road and right next to the parking area. It sits at the edge of a grassy swamp and was once a well where cows came to drink.

Vaca Ha is a largely linear system with few offshoots. Depths will tend to increase the farther you get into the cave, maxing out at around 75 feet. Unlike neighboring Sac Aktun, there is a halocline. Formations tend to be large and somewhat isolated.
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Latitude: 20.27067
Longitude: -87.48034
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Sacred Cow Well
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/5/2023 Chris Dore 100 Out and back up the main line. Appears to be open sporadically in the mornings. 300 pesos. First dive here--majestic cave!
11/13/2018 Dave Cave > 20m Site is open as mentioned by Chris M. fee is still MX200
6/8/2017 Chris M. Great inside cave Site open, $MX 200 dive fee payable at gate.
10/20/2013 Lynne Flaherty N/A Landowner has returned and the gate has been repaired. The site is again closed.
11/20/2011 Tony Flaris 100' except Haloclines Haloclines below 65-70'. Visibility superb. Gate by main road broken. Aqua tech line arrows have the tips cut off of them. Most jumps marked marked a single arrow. Ladder in basin broken/rotted away. Basin overgrown with vegetation.
2/3/2009 Vlada Dekina 100 Visibility excellent as usual. Halocline quite close to the line.
10/11/2007 Walter Pickel 100' Did the mainline...circuit including the halocline was GREAT!
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   Xunaan Ha 45 True False False 11/14/2010 9.2
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   Uchben Na Illod 35 True False False 3/2/2007 3.9
   Paanah True False False 12/7/2006 4.6
   Luk Dzonot True False False 12/5/2006 4.4
   Cenote Don Polo True False False 12/5/2006 4.1
   Mol Balam True False False 12/4/2006 4.4
   Chamzizil True False False 12/4/2006 4.5
   The Pich True False False 9.1