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Mayan Blue is located directly across Highway 307 from Cenote Naharon. The parking area is approximately one kilometer back in the jungle.

Cenote Mayan Blue is actually an L-shaped lagoon. The A tunnel entrance is closest to the parking area; the B tunnel entrance is mid-way down on the left; and, the Dead Zone entrance is at the far end. Every entrance connects with the others in some manner.

The A and B tunnels go upstream and connect at several points. The A tunnel will take you to the Battleship Room and to the connection point to Naharon (the Naharon to Mayan Blue traverse is a popular guided dive). The B tunnel line connects not only to the A tunnel, but also to the E and F tunnels, plus many other jumps. Numerous circuits are possible.

The Dead Zone goes downstream, in the direction of Ox Bel Ha. The line goes to the Cenote of the Sun; however, among the many possible jumps is one that will take you back around to the A tunnel.

Depths vary widely throughout the system and can approach 80 feet in the saltwater zone. Like Naharon, the freshwater layer will tend to be dark — especially as you get further upstream. The saltwater layer, in contrast, will tend to be very white. Dives in the saltwater zone will likely result in deco.
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Latitude: 20.19411
Longitude: -87.49585
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 86'
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Mayan Blue
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
7/14/2021 Matthew Perkins 100 2 dives with guide Elliot Smith. 1st jump to the left to “Hostage Hole” was incredible. Perfect halocline before the electric blue room with many decorations.
11/16/2012 Lynne Flaherty Clear Beautiful, clear water in the basin, unlike last year's trip. However, both ladders out are missing most of their rungs, and I could not get my gear out of the water by myself. Bathrooms and changing rooms were full of trash and debris; looks like nobody is maintaining the site at all these days. Took an alternate route to B tunnel, then swam up to A and back down to the entry and turned around. Clear water, nobody else in the cave, great fun.
11/22/2011 Lynne Flaherty unlimited Cenote basin is covered in a ten foot thick layer of tannic water with very reduced viz. This has colored the whole basin, but doesn't seem to affect the cave. We did the Dead Zone and B Tunnel, both very clear and pleasant dives.
12/16/2010 Don Six 100' The first dive was The B,E,F tunnels. This was a beautiful big blue cave that was making me want my scooter. The second dive was to tunnel A. This one was a much darker tunnel.
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 Overview Information Available for Nahoch Nah Chich  Nahoch Nah Chich 235 True True True 8/3/2023 9.4
 Overview Information Available for Vaca Ha  Vaca Ha True False False 7/5/2023 5.4
 Overview Information Available for Gran Cenote  Gran Cenote 50 True True True 9/13/2014 4.2
 Overview Information Available for Car Wash  Car Wash 70 True True True 5/6/2014 5.6
 Overview Information Available for Kolimba  Kolimba True False False 12/4/2011 4.4
   Muchachos 70 True False False 11/21/2011 4.9
 Overview Information Available for Dos Ojos  Dos Ojos 391 True True True 11/13/2010 11.3
   Caracol 55 True True True 3/15/2009 8.8
 Overview Information Available for Temple Of Doom  Temple Of Doom True True True 3/13/2009 3.5
 Overview Information Available for Cristal  Cristal True True True 12/31/2008 0.5
   Uchben Na Illod 35 True False False 3/2/2007 8.1
   Paanah True False False 12/7/2006 8.9
   Luk Dzonot True False False 12/5/2006 8.3
   Cenote Don Polo True False False 12/5/2006 8.1
   Mol Balam True False False 12/4/2006 8.3
   Chamzizil True False False 12/4/2006 8.3
 Overview Information Available for Cenote Dzulo  Cenote Dzulo True False False 12.5