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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Indian Spring is located on private property 13 miles south of Tallahassee near the Bethel Community. The YMCA of Tallahassee, who owns Indian Spring, constructed a summer camp around the pool.

Description - Indian Spring has a circular spring pool 185 ft in diameter and 30 ft deep. A large, semicircular limestone cave is located on the north side of the sand bottom pool. Depths in the cave are reported to reach 60 ft (Rosenau et al., 1977). The spring water is clear with a greenish tint. Green algae float in clumps around the spring pool and run. The spring run is 50 ft wide, 2 ft deep, and flows 0.7 miles southeast into Sally Ward Spring at the headwaters of the Wakulla River. The spring has been developed as a recreation area associated with YMCAís Camp Indian Springs. Platforms, observation decks, water slides, and canoes surround the spring pool. The camp is in a densely forested area.
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Latitude: 30.25069
Longitude: -84.32214
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 110'
 Cave Diving
 Cavern Diving
 Open Water Diving
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
10/20/2016 billbob 75-85 66deg, tanic tint. Encountered snapping turtle that looked to have killed 4 previous divers. Used Holy Hand Grenade
10/20/2016 billbob 75-85 66deg, tanic tint. Encountered snapping turtle that looked to have killed 4 previous divers. Used Holy Hand Grenade
10/20/2016 billbob 75-85 66deg, tanic tint. Encountered snapping turtle that looked to have killed 4 previous divers. Used Holy Hand Grenade
2/29/2016 Mer 30-100ft 30ft vis in cavern and mud tunnel (65 deg), clears at T (at least upstream direction), a little milky but blue tint. Slight outflow
11/16/2014 Mer 100' upstream Basin & Cavern: 63deg, 15' vis and hazy Mud Tunnel: No noticeable outflow, 30' ish vis, cold-murky water on bottom, better near ceiling. Pool of tannic, cold water on floor just before downstream section. Upstream: Normal temp, 68deg. 100% clear, 100' vis, not quite clearest it gets but close. Wakulla Room clear. Power Room hazy. Downstream: (only too a peak) clear, but hazy, blue.
11/16/2014 AJ Gonzales Unlimited Hazy but wall to wall( barely) in the mud tunnel, cracklin' upstream to the Power Wakulla Rooms.
12/22/2013 Nathan Spray 30' Cavern / Mud Tunnel - 100' Past "T" Dove Indian Fri, Sat, Sun 12/20/13-12/22/13. The basin, cavern, and Mud Tunnel are 66 degrees, with the cave past the "T" 71-72 degrees. The basin is decent clear with normal silt when gearing up, the cavern and Mud Tunnel are dark with slight tanic color, the cave both up and downstream clear at the "T". There is now gold line all the way to the Wakulla Room! Still have to clean up the remaining old white line but the arrows have been moved over.
10/15/2013 mer (via CDF) 80-100' Iíd say conditions were 5-7' of tannic vis down to 75' (as long as you donít kick up the bottom which is a bit fluffier right now than normal). Deco communication with team easy, without getting in each otherís faces. Yellow/green below that and tint/vis improves as go down Mud Tunnel towards T. Mud Tunnel is indeed wall-to-wall vis, but milky. Upstream to 1400' and Downstream to middle of 3rd room are 80-100' vis, but milky. Clear, but not quiet yet blue.
8/4/2013 Jonathan Pitt 5 - 10' Poor conditions, milky hazy brown.
7/7/2013 Brandon Cook 80-100' Basin beautifully clear. Mud tunnel wall to wall and upstream 100' with less vis 80' at some depths and sections of cave. Downstream 100' . Video of upstream dive available here: http://youtu.be/nxHt3FLp46E
5/24/2013 Andy Pitkin 80-100' upstream Basin milky (5-10' vis) down to 15', then around 40' to U/D junction. Upstream clear but not crystal - slight haze is discernible.
2/23/2013 Celia_E <10' in basin to past the T it was diveable on 2/23/2013 with viz <10 ft in the basin all the way just past the T upstream, where it cleared up and it was just gorgeous. Today (2/24/2014) the water level in the basin had increased 12-18 in and appeared darker than the day before.
5/13/2012 Keith Gault 100 plus basin has low visibility, but it clears by 15 ft to have 40 ft on the slope to the restriction. The Mud tunnel is wall to wall, and both upstream and downstream have greater than 100 ft of visibility to the ends of the gold lines.
5/4/2012 Mer 100' Surface is very low vis to 15' depth. Clear below that. Wall to wall in mud tunnel with slight milkiness. Super clear from T both up and downstream. Upstream clear to at least a slow 15ish min swim past T and downstream clear at least to great pyramid.
4/8/2012 AJ Gonzales 100ft Wall to wall visibility downstream.
12/4/2011 James Garrett 100ft Vis is clearer than Ginnie, very slight flow upstream.
12/3/2011 Jerry variable Had a nice scooter run upstream; vis is 100 . Basin is 65deg. and about 15'to the u/s-d/s T; some of this water is intruding u/s. D/s is about 75' vis. Good dive right now.
10/8/2011 Keith Gault 100 Basin vis was 20 ft. Caver was 40-50 ft. Mud tunnel was 100. Downstream exceeded 150 ft. Tannic water existed in top of 3rd room and top of alcove in mud tunnel. Excellent Dive :)
9/12/2011 Jerry 100 Even the basin was clear; vis upstream was well in excess of 100 ft.
9/3/2011 Keith Gault 60-150 Basin visibility was low in the few feet range, but cleared up to 60ft plus by 15 ft. Visibility in the cavern exceeded 60 ft. The mud tunnel and downstream was 150 ft plus. The small amount of upstream we swam had the same conditions. On exit the green glow of the surface was visible before picking up the 50% bottles.
9/1/2011 Mathew Bull 100 Its still awesome
8/24/2011 Mathew Bull 100' Basin was green on the surface, but thermocline just a few feet down and cleared up. Visibility was wall to wall in the cavern, mud tunnel, and downstream. Friggin awesome.
3/25/2011 OFG 100 We had 100 feet upstream, 60 or so downstream, I don't know what this rain is going to do though. 20 in the cavern, basin was green.
3/8/2011 OFG-1 20-30 Jason, Keith and I went into Indian last night. Basin had 15-20 vis, cavern 20-30 vis, mud tunnel wall to wall, upstream 80-100 feet, downstream 40-50 feet.

Remember, diving closes for the year when camp starts in May.
12/31/2010 Vince Ferris 10-80 ft Basin, cavern and mud tunnel 10ft viz and @ 63F, upstream 80ft viz @ 68F. Downstream conditions unknown.
12/13/2010 Keith Gault cavern 15'; mud tunnel 15'; upstream 60-80' Conditions in the mud tunnel have deteriorated since last weekend. Upstream get to 80ft within first 50 ft. there are some cloudy sections dropping to 60 ft. cloudy water in mudtunnel is colder than clear water from upstream. clear water can be found in the top of the mudtunnel (above the line) which is the same temperature as upstream. Basin is 64F.
12/4/2010 Keith Gault cavern 15'; mud tunnel 30'; upstream 60' Could not see the bottom at the cavern entrance. Descending the slope I could only make out 1 of the two buddies ahead of me. Vis increased in the mud tunnel, but only enough to make out both buddies. during the first 100ft upstream the visibility increase quickly. There are sections of the upstream tunnel were the visibility drops for 50 ft or so.
11/21/2010 Allen Beard 100' upstream, 60' downstream Basin clear and cold, murky on the way in to the duck under. Upstream was crackling blue and downstream was 60' at best.
10/19/2010 OFG-1 40 The basin is now at about 12-15 feet visibility. The cavern is about 12 or so feet with some particulate. The mud tunnel is still wall to wall with some milk in the water. At the tee, the clearer water from upstream is mixing with the milky water, it is probably 40 feet plus with light milk. At the 900 foot arrow upstream, it is clear, visibility about 80 feet We went to the bone narcosis room, there were slight patches of milk in the water, but overall 80-100 feet. We then went downstream to the 1600 foot arrow, it is 40-60 feet with milk in the water. The deep siphon is clear.
8/28/2010 jeff addis 1 to 45 ft Assisted with Jason to put in safety bottles for the dive season.Vis in the basin all the way to the restriction is about a foot in very brown water. the mud tunnel is about 20 ft improving as you approach the upstream/downstream split "T". vis upstream towards the Bone Necrosis Room about 45 ft
5/14/2010 Keith Gault 70 Vis is low in cavern at about 20-30ft; drastically increased to 70ft passing through the restriction to the mud tunnel. Vis countinued at 70-80ft upstream.
5/7/2010 Keith Gault 50-80 Had a great dive, we scootered upstream to end of gold line with the scooters on 4 for a nice leisurely dive. The visibility was better than expected given the recent rainfall. We had 60-80 ft starting in the Mud Tunnel, and continuing upstream until around 1700 where the vis started to Drop. By 3000 the vis was around 50 ft. This is not the best vis I have seen in Indian, but it is the best I have seen in 6 months.
1/20/2010 Pete Gelbman Basin clear, cavern 20-30 ft, mud tunnel 30-40 ft, upstream ~50-60 ft Slightly greenish/brownish, but very dive-able.
11/14/2009 Vince Ferris 100ft up & down streams Basin 30ft, cavern 20ft, mud tunnel 20ft, upstream and downstream both 100ft.
11/8/2009 Vince Ferris Basin 30, Cavern 40, Mud Tunnel 10, Upstream 70 Nice dive upstream to 3000. Vis stayed about 70 the entire way after lealving mud tunnel and starting upstream.
10/22/2009 Gene Page 100 Dove Indian yesterday with Wayne Kinard and Helge Weber. Vis in the basin was around 30 feet or so and once in the system (with upstream being better) it was 100 plus feet, or as far as our lights would go. Beautiful system, looking forward to going back. 126 minute dive, 1000 feet upstream and 1100 feet downstream with about 40 minutes of deco. Max depth was 151 ffw with the water temp being 68 degrees. Trimix dive along with nitrox and O2 for deco. While there we also saw a small gator in the basin area as well as a freindly corn snake guarding the bathroom door.
10/12/2009 Vince Ferris 100ft Basin 2ft viz, cavern 5ft viz, at 80ffw depth the viz approached 100ft. upstream to 1600 also 100ft. no report for downstream
9/4/2009 Bob Schulte 60' Upstream 40' Downstream NT
5/24/2009 Shirley Kasser Excellent The Mud Tunnel was beautiful, with excellent viz. The flow was nice and easy. Upstream was awe-inspiring and gorgeous. The swim out was bittersweet, from enjoying the excellent conditions and knowing this is the last dive here until fall.
4/8/2009 Bob Cree 80 MASSIVE FLOW through the restriction. Doug said he had never seen it like that. You had to pull yourself in. I would compare it to a very big and extended entry into the ear during normal times at Ginnie. Vis from the entrance to the 'T' was 40 and cleared up to 80 upstream. My first time in the system - and it is every bit of a WOW dive. Downstream may have been springing, but we turned it early due to the unusual flow conditions and reduced vis and did not verify this.
3/9/2009 Brian Richardson 25 to LOTS! first time in the system. Agree with Keith below. upstream looked AMAZING! took a peek downstream. looks pretty dirty in there and in the mud tunnel
3/8/2009 Keith Gault 25 to 100 Vis in Basin/Cavern was Ok at 15 to 25 ft. Once past the T, the vis in the Upstream tunnel exceeds 100ft back past 2200ft. The tunnel looked crystal clear through most of the dive.
12/7/2008 Walter Pickel 70' Dove downstream to EOL and a ways upstream. Viz went from 30'-70' at the T. Average water temp was 66
5/23/2008 Mike McAuliffe 100' Dove Indian Springs for the first time Fri 5/23. What a fantastic cave. Everybody in our group that has dove this before said vis was just about as good as they have ever seen it. Jerry Murphy and Jill Heinerth went in behind us and said the same.
2/28/2008 OFG-1 50' Gerry and I dove downstream Indian today. As strange as it sounds, when it rains hard, Indian tends to clear up some. We had 50' of vis in the cavern with a lot of suspended sediment,the basin was clear, and we had the limit of my 10 watt in the downstream. Wall to wall in the entrance tunnel.

To those who have been there, the downstream safety bottle had to be removed due to corrosion. There are now 3 safties in the system, one at the upstream/downstream tee, and two upstream at 1700' and 2800 feet. A new downstream safety will be installed next monday pm.
1/20/2008 Martin 80'-100' Dove both up and downstream. Absolutely beautiful! Cave temp was 67 degrees and basin temp was 61 degrees. Vis in the basin was around 30-40'.
10/26/2007 Scott Byars 100 Basin and cavern are clear about 40' of viz there. Both up and downstream viz is fantastic. Swam upstream backgas (ave 140' depth) then grabed a stage for a look downstream (ave 80' depth). You can offgas on the downstream side and see some big cave. Nice dive.
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