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Latitude: 29.853202
Longitude: -82.579127
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
1/31/2010 Gene Page 5' We were able to dive this site, which is on private property owned by John Harper as my buddy is looking for property and wanted to see this site above and underwater.

The realtor passed on John's comments about the visibility likely being poor due to all the recent rains.

After filling out the required paperwork we met the realtor at the site. It is in a beautiful setting and is a small, duckweed covered sink somewhat like Friedman's at Manatee Springs. There is a rope attached to a tree to assist in walking down and up from the water. This came in handy with tanks on our backs.

We decided to run our primary from a tree at the water's edge and if there was not already a line leading us down into the cavern we would likely have not been able to find what seemed like the small passage going down. My dive buddy and I descended down to the bottom where the line leads into the cavern. I wrapped my primary around the eye bolt securing the main line but decided to keep running the primary as we did not know the status or condition of the line that was already there. And even though this is supposedly a cavern dive, we treated it like a cave dive as we lost daylight around eight feet down and the overall visibility stayed around five feet.

We continued on down following the main line to 95 feet and then we turned the dive due to conditions. We came back the way we had entered and did our safety stop in the tight passage leading from the surface to the cavern. Once we got out, my buddy told me that a snapper turtle had apparently grabbed on to his fin. Although he could not see it he could feel it pulling on his fin and the extra added weight. He was able to shake the turtle off and had a nice deep scratch mark on his fin afterward.

This was an interesting dive that I would like to do again under better conditions.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
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   Gator Hole Sink 115 True False False 5/18/2019 3
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring  Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring 60 False True True 9/25/2018 7.3
 Overview Information Available for Jesss Hole  Jess's Hole True False False 7/4/2017 4.2
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 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Little Devils  Ginnie Springs - Little Devil's True False False 7/1/2011 7.2
   Syphon Creek - Resurgence True False False 6/23/2011 9.2
   Vampire Sink True False False 11/21/2010 3.2
 Overview Information Available for Darby Spring  Darby Spring True False False 4/7/2009 1.6
   Old Bellamy - Sweetwater Lake 150 True True False 9/15/2007 2.3
 Overview Information Available for Sante Fe River Rise  Sante Fe River Rise 150 True True False 1.6
   Old Bellamy - Big Blue Sink 160 True False False 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Hornsby Spring  Hornsby Spring 190 True True False 0.9
   Old Bellamy - Two Hole Sink 160 True False False 2.9
   Old Bellamy - Alligator Sink 160 True False False 2.9
   Old Bellamy - Bee Tree Sink 160 True False False 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Sawdust Spring  Sawdust Spring True False False 7.5
   Syphon Creek - Track One True False False 9.1
   Syphon Creek - Lil' Awesome 80 True False False 8.7
   Syphon Creek - Big Awesome 110 True False False 8.4
   Syphon Creek - Swallow Hole 188 True False False 8.9
   Old Bellamy - Pfv 150 True False False 4.8
   Old Bellamy - Pfc 150 True False False 4.9
   Old Bellamy - Mae Callie Pond 160 True False False 3