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Latitude: 29.812865
Longitude: -82.605933
Coordinate System:
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
11/21/2010 James Garrett 3-5ft From what I'm told, there's a cave here that goes under the road for a short distance. Dove with Jeff Marchand and we couldn't find it, viz is 3-5ft at best, and that's the clearest I've seen it since I've been watching this site. I think whatever cave used to be here is currently clogged and would take a lot of effort to dive it again, especially given the lack of visibility.
Click here if you would like to contribute any information or resources for this system.
Description Type Date Author Remarks
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
 Overview Information Available for Sunbeam Spring  Sunbeam Spring 80 True False False 10/15/2022 12.6
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Devils Ear / Eye  Ginnie Springs - Devil's Ear / Eye 173 True True True 9/28/2021 5.6
   Syphon Creek - Myrtle's Fissure 95 True False False 2/29/2020 8.3
 Overview Information Available for Treehouse Spring  Treehouse Spring 65 True False False 9/1/2019 2.9
 Overview Information Available for Gator Hole Spring  Gator Hole Spring 115 True False False 6/7/2019 2.7
   Gator Hole Sink 115 True False False 5/18/2019 2.6
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring  Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring 60 False True True 9/25/2018 5.9
 Overview Information Available for Jesss Hole  Jess's Hole True False False 7/4/2017 4.6
 Overview Information Available for Wilson Spring  Wilson Spring True False False 7/18/2015 10.9
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Dogwood Spring  Ginnie Springs - Dogwood Spring 43 True False False 9/7/2014 6.2
 Overview Information Available for Alachua Sink  Alachua Sink 227 True False False 1/11/2014 5.9
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Little Devils  Ginnie Springs - Little Devil's True False False 7/1/2011 5.7
   Syphon Creek - Resurgence True False False 6/23/2011 8.2
   Whippoorwill Sink False False False 1/31/2010 3.2
 Overview Information Available for Darby Spring  Darby Spring True False False 4/7/2009 2.7
   Old Bellamy - Sweetwater Lake 150 True True False 9/15/2007 5.3
   Old Bellamy - Two Hole Sink 160 True False False 6
 Overview Information Available for Sante Fe River Rise  Sante Fe River Rise 150 True True False 4.3
 Overview Information Available for Hornsby Spring  Hornsby Spring 190 True True False 2.7
   Old Bellamy - Alligator Sink 160 True False False 6
   Old Bellamy - Mae Callie Pond 160 True False False 6.2
   Old Bellamy - Big Blue Sink 160 True False False 5.8
 Overview Information Available for Sawdust Spring  Sawdust Spring True False False 6.1
   Syphon Creek - Track One True False False 8.1
   Syphon Creek - Lil' Awesome 80 True False False 7.7
   Syphon Creek - Big Awesome 110 True False False 7.4
   Syphon Creek - Swallow Hole 188 True False False 7.8
   Old Bellamy - Pfv 150 True False False 8
   Old Bellamy - Pfc 150 True False False 8.1
   Old Bellamy - Bee Tree Sink 160 True False False 5.9