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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

The Ichetucknee Springs Group is located within the Ichetucknee Springs State Park which is approximately 10 miles northeast of Branford. From the bridge over the Suwannee River in Branford, drive east on US 27/129 for 7 miles. Turn north (left) onto CR 137 and continue for 1.3 miles. Turn east (right) and go 4.2 miles through the north park entrance to the parking area.

Description - This spring is located in the spring run channel of Cedar Head Spring, which is north of Blue Hole. The spring pool and outflow greatly widens the incoming spring run, and the combined run flows south a short distance to the Ichetucknee River. The spring pool measures 87 ft east to west and 117 ft north to south. The depth measured over the vent is 37 ft. The water is clear and light blue, and a boil is visible on the pool surface. Water issues from a cavern in limestone. The pool has a sand and limestone bottom with abundant aquatic grass and some algae. The land around the spring is heavily forested with mixed hardwoods and palm. The spring run is fenced off approximately 100 ft south of vent. This is a swimming spot with a wooden boardwalk for spring access. A foot path leads to the spring from the north.

Utilization - The springs, river, and surrounding forested land are part of Ichetucknee Springs State Park from the US 27 bridge northward. The park is a high quality natural area that is partly developed and whose heavy public use is highly regulated in order to minimize damage to the environment. Camping, hiking, swimming, tubing, and canoeing are some of the activities that are offered in the state park.
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Latitude: 29.979666
Longitude: -82.75854
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 80'
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Blue Hole
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
1/12/2023 Jsea 70 Water level is low. Flow is down. Vis is really nice easily 70
11/29/2020 MarkPrimo 100 Beautiful Dive. A little bit of a walk to the Spring but perfect if freediving or using a pony bottle. http://gallery.primofish.com/2020/Fishing_Diving/Ichetucknee_Springs https://youtu.be/Mhrr0EJsEG8
10/17/2015 Niko 70 Visibility was pretty clear but not crystal clear, I'd saw about 70 ft. Flow is normal and the cave pretty as ever. Good dive
2/22/2015 Cmint 50 Water was a tad cloudy in spots, there was a bit of particulate, flow was up. Very nice dive. Lots of crappie and bass in the basin.
2/13/2015 Lalcorn 100' Flow was very manageable, crystal clear water up to the diamond sands. Water level is almost up to the lower platform. Great time to dive it before it closes.
1/10/2015 Niko 100' Water level is up and so is the flow. Water in the run is still clear. Visibility was crystal clear up the the water source, a little milky after that. Great time to dive here.
2/9/2014 Niko 100' There is a new lock on the cart, make sure you get the updated combination before going there. Visibility going into the spring was no great, however once we reached the bottom it was crystal clear. It's a short dive but it's absolutely worth it, one of the most beautiful caves.
12/3/2013 Niko 100' First time diving here and what a beautiful dive it was, flow was very noticeable but not an issue. Visibility was crystal clear.
11/14/2013 Trey R (via CDF) 100' crystal clear
3/25/2013 Jon D 100' Vis is great and flow is up.
12/16/2012 Matt M 100' perfect... flow is up and viz is great... dive now while the weather is perfect!
10/8/2012 James K 100 Excellent vis and the flow is strong up to the sign.
10/8/2012 James K 100 Excellent vis and the flow is strong up to the sign.
10/8/2012 James K 100 Excellent vis and the flow is strong up to the sign.
10/6/2012 Steve M 100ffw Fantastic visibility until the Diamond Sands room where it was "just" great (some particulate in the water). Ginnie-clear on the way in. It was my first time in the system and had no idea what to expect. no sun so we couldn't enjoy the rays that are famous for Jug....big trip to get there. Interesting cave (mix of major restrictions and pretty big rooms) but the flow was strong enough to keep it clear.
3/16/2012 Jeff Tindall 100 Visibility and conditions were great. Flow was down since I was there last year, but still enough to keep the place clean and give you a little push on the way out. Always love to enjoy the cavern for a while on the way out. Try to catch it on a nice sunny day and the view of the sun's rays coming down into the cavern is spectacular.
2/25/2012 Jason 100 Vis was perfect. A little haze on the way out past Diamond Sands. Still some flow, but mostly effortless.
10/7/2011 Jason 100 Crystal clear, flow was present but uncharacteristically low from what I understand. Gold line is brand new! Great cavern dive if you are backmount, great cave dive if you are sidemount.
10/1/2011 Jeff Rose 100' Superb conditions for Jug Hole opening day of the 2011 season. Flow was low and the weather topside was perfect.
3/28/2011 James Garrett 100ft Perfect viz, great dive.
1/30/2011 atedeschi 100' It was my first time in the system and what a awesome lil cave. High flow, goes from big rooms to small and back again. If you have not dove here it is worth the effort.
12/18/2010 Walter Pickel 100 Nice positive flow today. Visibility was perfect. Conditions made for a perfect dive. Glad we had 2-wheelers as the cart wasn't there. Very few cave species but a couple of nice eels.
11/15/2010 Nathan 100' We dove Jug Springs (Blue Hole) first time for both of us in this cave. We clipped on a couple sidemount LP85's and were in awe of the cavern area...as it was just breathtaking. We dove to the end of the line turning making a very slow exit. Diving Jug is on my top three list of best cave dives! The system is short but there is just something about it that makes it awesome! There was a slight ripple on the surface and there was flow up to the sign. Once at the sign I could feel the flow but it decreased greatly. We were the only ones in the park when we entered. Upon surfacing there was a dozen kids and a couple adults swimming in the area.
3/27/2010 Mathew Bull 100' Strong positive flow and excellent visibility, pretty much typical of this site. New cart is in place, the combo lock still works great.
1/3/2010 Shirley Kasser Excellent Great dive to the end of the line. Lots of critters to be seen throughout the cave. The cart is great!
12/28/2009 Don Six Excellent My first time here. The cart was much appreciated for the journey. The amount of surface boil gave a false indication of the level of flow to expect. The flow was noticeable, but much lower than expected. The vis was absolutely stellar. I was not able to follow my buddy through the diamond restriction, so my info stops there. This was worth the trip just to view the beauty of the cavern.
8/29/2009 Shirley Kasser Excellent We went in to do a fauna count, and had a great dive to the end of the line. There's a nice boil on the surface, and the cave looks incredible. The catfish were having a grand time stirring up the silt toward the back of the cave, and were plentiful.
3/15/2009 Andy Pitkin 100' Visibility is still wonderful. Flow is lower than I remember it from a couple of years ago. Great photography dive.
3/14/2009 Buhlz 100 First time here and the walk is definitely worth it! Hung out in the cavern zone w/ Kyle while Kev and Jean checked out the rest to diamond sands. I'll try this one at another time when I'm side mount;which will be soon. This beautiful site reminds me of devils eye but alot more wonderful fossils to enjoy. Great little dive. 37mintes @ 53' no deco 71 degrees @ this time.
2/22/2009 Walter Pickel 100' Again, we did the annual pilgrimage with Joel & Jacki...Wonderful dive with viz being perfect and the flow actually being down. It was interesting (and sad) not seeing a pronounced boil on the surface. The source "tunnel" is still very interesting but I can't make it go as much as I try.
2/21/2009 Mathew Bull 100' First time there, loved it. Just did the mainline to the end and enjoyed every second.
12/17/2008 Gene Page 100 We did a dive at Jug Hole and found the conditions to be perfect as nearly always with the added benefit of the flow being down some too.
2/28/2008 Elisha Gibson 100' First time in this cave...great dive, very low flow at the moment.
2/16/2008 Walter Pickel 100' Did my annual pilgrimage to Jug with Joel. What a wonderful little system. The flow seemed down from last year but it was fun nonetheless. Went as far as we could go on the jump behind Diamond Sands -- until the foot tall bedding plane restriction.
11/23/2007 Ken Anderson 99 Great dive. Dove sidemount 80's and had to remove one cylinder at the Dimond Sand restriction. Take a wagon to cart your gear the 1/4 mile hike to the site, it is worth it...
9/15/2007 Scott Byars 100' Jug is closed until sometime in October but Kelly let me tag along on a fish count. Got to drive to the spring...beats walking. Flow was way down and viz was fantastic. Should be great conditions when it opens up.
2/18/2007 Walter Pickel 100 Took Eric back passed the Diamond Sands restriction to the end of the line. I remembered a two-wheeler this time but forgot bungees for the tanks. Smashing a reg was the low point of the day. Great dive, great conditions, long walk.
11/19/2006 Walter Pickel 100' Had a fun dive here...Practiced removing bottles and "Superman'ing" through the Diamond Sands restriction. Flow wasn't bad at all and the cooler air added to an uneventful walk -- except for the psycho deer that was tracking us. Many thanks to Joel for letting me use is dolly!
10/28/2006 Cory Rosepiler 100ft Spent almost an hour looking for park ranger. Eventually found him and made the long walk. Thank God for the little bench about a 1/3 away from spring. Once in the water it was beautiful probably the clearest I have been in next to Ginnie. The sun light shining in the hole was awesome definitely bringing a camera next time.
2/11/2006 Scott Byars 80 Strong flow even though the water level is high. Viz is very good. It's tight with backmount through the bedding plane. Got jammed up and had to back out and take another run at it. The walk is crazy long but worth it. Eat your Wheaties.
12/8/2005 Sean Denney 60-80ft. My dive buddy and I got to the park around noon. We parked and then walked down to the spring to have a look see before we geared up. It was overcast with a light drizzle and a nice crisp 55-60 degF out. The spring looked beautiful as the water was crystal clear and not a soul around. After heading back up the trail, we geared up and made the long walk once again. Once we hit the water, all was well as we made the final plans for our dive. My buddy towed his camera along as we had planned to take pictures on the way out of the system. I tried to borrow a single tank wing, but unsuccessful I used my doubles wing instead. The bedding plane was quite a different task in a larger wing as it scrapped the floor and ceiling and bellowed in the current. I had to back out and reapproach for a second time to make it through, staying farther to the left than I normally have to. Once through, we dropped down and then through the Diamond Plate restriction which went smoother. The visibility was gin clear and the cave was extraordinarily pristine (no tank tracks or hand/fin prints, no rocks broken off). As my buddy came through the restriction, I checked my gauge and I was surprised to find that I was approaching my thirds (I must have used more gas than I normally would have with a smaller wing). I turned the dive and we headed back. Once on the other side of the bedding plane, we started shooting pictures. What a workout that was trying to stay still for some of these pictures.
10/23/2005 Tom Hundley 60 ft We started out in a light ran early Sunday morning. ARY, Rick and I had home aid tanks moving devices to take our gear down the fairly long trail. Ary did sidemount and Rick and I went with a single tank. The dive site reminded me of Manatee springs with a strong surface boil. It a very nice dive for a cavern dive but we found the actual cave where the sign is located to be a side mount only dive. Anyway it a very pretty dive and worth at least one dive. I understand from another diver that it even prettier past the restriction. Having said that I also got told tonight that there are places in the system that are considered tight for a sidemounter so your mileage may vary. Tom
10/18/2005 John LaManna 100 Jug hole was the most awesome cave I have ever been in. It was so spectacular. I have a video we shot in there, and it will be available on my web site: floridacavediver.com in the near future. Anyway the cave looks like Devils Eye from the outside. The flow in very, very strong. I recommend crawling upside down going in until you get down to the floor. A breathtaking cavern that's huge, and when the sun light comes in, it's awesome. The entrance is low, but rocky for about 50'. No silt, then it opens up huge, with rooms in excess of 100' across. Beautiful colors, sand mounds, and formations. It was so awesome that my regulator almost fell out of my mouth due to the awe I was in. There's one more restriction called the diamond sands restriction, that I recommend that you go thru sideways while in side mount. The sand is actually moving thru the restriction like waves in water, and the crystals in the sand reflect you light in all directions. Very cool. The cave ends about 700 or 800 feet back in a huge fissure that's close to 75 feet tall. I highly recommend this dive!
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