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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 31.

The Jewish Hole is a submarine spring located in the Gulf of Mexico about 1 mi W. of Hammock point, 3 mi WSW. of Aripeka, and about 600 ft S. of the "Aripeka Channel," Pasco County. Wetterhall (1965 p. 29) wrote that the rim of the spring is approximately circular in shape and about 40 ft in diameter at about 4 ft below mean tide. The bottom slopes toward the spring opening to a depth of about 10 ft below approximate mean tide. The spring hole is an irregular, vertical pipe about 15 ft in diameter and 148 ft deep below the general bottom, which is about 4 ft below approximate mean tide. A vigorous boil at low tide becomes a "slick" at high tide. The flow has not been measured.
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Latitude: 28.429333
Longitude: -82.709145
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 200'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
9/2/2007 glenn good I have been looking for this hole for about two weeks the numbers don't check out. If anyone can help please post any information you might have. Thanks
3/11/2007 Wallys Nemesis 10 or less The hole was deep dark and prety much scary as all. Kelp Diver and I ran a reel after tying off to an assundry of rocks in the area. Pretty sure we were heading slightly North as we decended ... at about 30 fsw we hit a skunky cloud of crud that was surely sulfur based since our lips started to go numb. Anyway this was our first dive in a while and as the depth grew, the vis diminished, and my masked started leaking (no so good on a rebreather and eyes watering from the high sulfer content), and temp at about 55 degrees, I decided to turn the dive at 180 fsw. Looking at the maps I guess we were near the mound. It was not your normal fresh water cave since it had marine growth on the walls ... during our debriefing KD said he was expecting at any moment a large shark or cave sea-monster to appear. I'm not sure how you guys mapped this thing ... hopefully other times of year the conditions were more pleasant than ours. As for the location ... this thing was right on the numbers. You may need to get the proper translations for your GPS ... degree minutes and seconds can come in a variety of formats. Wally has this handled with the Coordinates dropdown box...get your gps format then get the proper type of coordinate numbers from the dropdown box.
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