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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Cedar Island Spring is located approximately 1 mile southeast of Keaton Beach in the community of Cedar Island. From the intersection of CR 361 (Beach Road) and Cedar Island Road just east of Cedar Island, drive west on Cedar Island Road approximately 0.3 miles to the intersection with Sand Piper Road. Turn north (right) onto Sand Piper Road and drive approximately 0.2 miles. The spring will be on the west side adjacent to the road.

Description Cedar Island Spring, also known as Sandpiper Spring, issues directly into a tidal salt marsh. The pool is reported to be 80 ft by 125 ft. The spring is approximately 14 ft deep. The water is tannic and a prominent boil is visible. The spring is nearly hidden by the salt marsh grasses growing around it and is roughly 110 ft away from the shoreline. Discharge was estimated at 15 ft3/s(4) on June 22, 1999.
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Latitude: 28.380257
Longitude: -82.707482
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
9/19/2009 JacK Marut 8-12 Bill and I made the trip to Cedar Island Spring via canoe today. The dive was great.We dove on a rising tide, arriving about one hour after low tide. Visibility was in the 8-12 ft range. The bottom is extremely silty so be very careful of that. I have posted a short video on You Tube here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8tL82VZDJo) We will be making map of the system in the next month or so and will post in when available.
5/16/2009 Buhlz 20 feet Chris and I took the air boat to the sink and checked her out. Cedar has two debri mounds and two entrances that both drop to 25' and filled with horseshoe crabs. We ran a line around and ended back at our start location than headed due south of the "spear" in the larger opening..We ran into potential cave @ around 150' and 50' fsw turning because there maybe sometthing hjere. We'll come back and lay out some line too. Very arduous running line and searching w/ 20' vis and 70 degrees. Don't know if cave is here but we'll check her out next. Than we tried to go to double keyhole but had airboat probs. Owell,we'll try again soon. 47min 52' air. No deco
7/21/2007 Bob Parham ?? Cedar Island Springs Is it in Pasco County? The Info. Show it in Keaton Beach The map have it in Pasco. Thanks Bob
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 Movie YouTube 2009 Jack Marut
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