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Latitude: 28.40809
Longitude: -82.672
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 315'
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Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
6/2/2006 Eric Deister 50' ***********Closed site- Permit diving only***********
Great dive. Maestro and I head out to dive the Jewel Friday evening, after getting the lock on the gate straight we drove over to the water. gearing up, Maestro almost steps on a pygmy rattlesnake (still had its rattles). We put a line in from the surface with a 8# of weight (which now hangs at 70). As Maestro prepped his RB, I took the O2 down to 20 feet to tie off. There is a thermal at 21 going from 84 to 71 was a shock, the best part was when Maestro hit it and screamed. Dropping down our down line to 70 feet vis opened up to about 25 feet. I didn't see crap, it was just dark. Maestro tied off a primary line to the weight and headed inward and downward. Around 150' the vis cleared up to a nice 50 feet. He tied off the primary and pulled out a gap reel, telling me to hold, he headed down a crack following a old line that would be easily overlooked if you didn't know where to look. Giving him a couple of minutes I headed in after him. After about 50 feet of tight silty restriction I came into the big room and boy is it big! The break down in that room is the largest I've ever seen in a cave. The rocks were as big as my house. Following the main line down to around 300 feet I saw the ship - thank God for helium. Looking around the edges of the room I can just imagine the leads that could be in there (Double Keyhole?). But this was just a check out dive to see if it's worth working in anytime soon. Turning around and coming out I realized how many people have been in there as you could see jumps off the main line all over the place. The bad thing was that some must have been on air, who would put 10' of line in a circle? Exiting was fun, Maestro showed me some of the old things that were left in there steel spikes to hold the line in salt water, steel chains in the wall to hold deco bottles in the salt water, etc. Deco was very fun, reminded me of the old days of diving the quarries back up in PA. I was a nice relief to hit 20' and have the water temp go up 12 degrees..

Nice dive looking forward to diving it again and putting some real time in below 300 feet..

Side note - the next day we went back to take some surface pics, there was a 7ft gator at the entrance. Now that would have been fun doing deco at 11pm and seeing him.
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System Depth Cave Cavern OW Last Report Distance (mi)
   Lost 40 165 True False False 7/15/2023 11.8
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Hole  Hospital Hole 143 False True True 4/30/2023 9
 Overview Information Available for Wards Sink  Ward's Sink 198 True True True 9/30/2022 6.7
 Overview Information Available for Hudson Grotto  Hudson Grotto 110 False True True 10/30/2021 4.7
   Arch Sink 197 True True False 7/18/2021 5.8
   Bulldozer Sink 60 False True True 3/22/2020 9.1
   Palm Sink 197 True True True 10/15/2019 4
   Rock Sink False False True 3/24/2019 8.9
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder III  Diepolder III 300 True False False 5/27/2017 11.7
 Overview Information Available for Salt Spring  Salt Spring 330 True False False 12/13/2014 8.4
 Overview Information Available for Waynes World  Wayne's World 280 True False False 8/16/2013 3.1
 Overview Information Available for Twin Dees  Twin Dees 335 True False False 8/3/2013 9.1
   Isabella Spring 110 True False False 5/22/2013 0.7
 Overview Information Available for Weeki Wachee Spring  Weeki Wachee Spring 407 True False True 4/28/2012 9.6
 Overview Information Available for Diepolder II  Diepolder II 360 True False False 12/23/2010 11.5
   Free Ride Cave 120 True False False 10/10/2009 1.2
 Overview Information Available for Cedar Island Springs  Cedar Island Springs False False False 9/19/2009 2.9
   Double Keyhole 230 True False False 1/11/2009 0.5
 Overview Information Available for Horseshoe Spring  Horseshoe Spring True True False 1/10/2009 1.2
 Overview Information Available for Little Salt Spring  Little Salt Spring 240 True False False 9/23/2008 10.1
   Heart Spring 270 True True False 8/3/2008 5.9
 Overview Information Available for Bobhill Springs  Bobhill Springs False False False 12/29/2007 2.6
 Overview Information Available for Jewfish Sink  Jewfish Sink 200 True False False 9/2/2007 2.7
 Overview Information Available for Mud Spring  Mud Spring 210 True True False 11/20/2005 10
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Round Sink  Beacon Woods - Round Sink 150 True True False 9/25/2005 5.3
 Overview Information Available for Joes Sink  Joe's Sink 60 True False True 11.5
   Snook Spring 120 True False False 1.2
   Star Sun Spring 120 True False False 1.2
   Wolf Sink False False False 9.6
 Overview Information Available for Hospital Spring  Hospital Spring 40 False True False 8.9
   Coffee Sink False False False 5.9
   Nemesis Sink 250 True True True 6.3
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Nexxus  Beacon Woods - Nexxus 150 True False False 4.9
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Smokehouse Pond  Beacon Woods - Smokehouse Pond 150 True False False 4.3
   Whiskey Spring True False False 8.2
   Cauldron Spring 85 True False False 8.7
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Briar Sink  Beacon Woods - Briar Sink 150 True False False 4.4
   Brett's Toilet Bowl 40 True False False 8.7
   Nursery Sink 214 True False False 11
   Garden World Sink 250 True False False 1.2
   Willow Sink True False False 9.4
 Overview Information Available for Jenkins Creek  Jenkins Creek 50 True False False 8.2
 Overview Information Available for Marys Sink  Mary's Sink 58 True False True 11.6
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Stratamax  Beacon Woods - Stratamax 150 True False False 4.5
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Golfball  Beacon Woods - Golfball 150 True False False 4.3
   Gar Spring True False False 8.1