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The Wayne’s World Sink Cave System is a coastal cave system in Hudson, Florida. Located only 3,000 feet east of the Gulf of Mexico, the system is tidally influenced. The cave system contains a mixture of tannic freshwater and saltwater. Tunnels that are springs at high tide become siphons at low tide and vice versa. The system is home to a variety of fauna including cave-adapted crayfish, isopods, and amphipods, anemones, mussels, hydrobiid snails, hydroids, and a species of feather duster worm that is found only in this cave system.

The following report was prepared by Hydro-Geo Environmental Research, Inc. and used with their permission. Note that exploration since this report was completed has connected School Sink (Wayne’s World) with nearby Beacon Woods, and total surveyed passage is 24,130 feet for School Sink and an additional 11,430 in the Beacon Woods System as of October 2004. School Sink is the 19th longest underwater cave in the world and 6th in the United States. Garman, Hemphill, et al first mapped school Sink and an updated map is in progress by Bojar and Hemphill.

Science Report for Wayne’s World Cave System
Hydro-Geo Environmental Research, Inc.

Wayne’s World Sink is located in Hudson, Pasco County, Florida, on approximately 15 acres of undeveloped land. The Sink is approximately 1500 feet east of the head of Cow Creek (a saltwater, tidally influenced creek) and approximately 3000 feet east of the Gulf of Mexico. The land that includes the sink is dotted by numerous water filled sinks and depressions and one small spring run typical of a karst setting. The water in the sinks and depressions is tannic from the degradation of organic material that is typical in a wetland environment.

The immediate area surrounding the property containing the Sink is residential and has numerous saltwater and brackish canals connecting the residences to the Gulf. The canals probably have also served to dewater many wetland and marshy areas so that they could be developed. As has been typical for many coastal areas of Florida that were developed prior to environmental concerns, the dewatering has over time lowered the hydraulic head of the Floridan aquifer; thereby, increasing salt water intrusion into the aquifer.

Wayne’s World Sink has formed in the Suwannee Limestone, which is at or near land surface in the vicinity of the Sink. The water in the sink and the cave system is brackish with saltwater intruding into the system through a deep saltwater tunnel. The sink is tidally influenced with a direct connection to the Gulf as the high and low tides are of approximately the same magnitude and at approximately the same time as corresponding tides in the Gulf.

The cave passages within the Wayne’s World Cave System are complex:

  • Typical passage is approximately 90 to 110 feet deep with thick reddish brown silt on the floor. Visibility is usually 2 to 5 feet due to tannic conditions. On occasion visibility may reach 20 to 30 feet. At depths shallower than 90 feet, the system is characterized as a spongework cave with porous walls that look like Swiss cheese. Below 90 feet, the limestone becomes dense and the system is an anastomatic cave, consisting of arrays of curvilinear tubes that commonly intersect forming closed loops.
  • Part of the system is a siphon feeding Spring #822-241A behind Hudson Bowl. Flow to this Spring appears to be constant with discharge occurring at high tide. The survey of the cave shows that one passage that ends at a pile of breakdown is directly beneath some of the Spring vents. No accessible passage through the breakdown has been found. Thus no entry or exit is possible through the Spring. The discharge of this Spring has been estimated at 30 cubic feet per second at low tide (Florida Geological Survey, Report of Investigations No. 39). The land in the vicinity of the Sink can not supply recharge for this much flow, indicating some recharge from wetland areas to the east of U.S. Highway 19 (see Figure 1).
  • The Deep (140 to 150 feet deep) Salt Tunnel separates two brackish water tunnels that appear to have different water sources. The Deep Salt Tunnel has a variable temperature from 73° Fahrenheit (F) in the winter to 79° F in the summer but it is always warmer than the surrounding brackish water tunnels. The Deep Salt Tunnel often has a milky appearance limiting visibility to 1 to 2 feet. The milky appearance is believed to be due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide. The brackish water tunnels separated by the Deep Salt Tunnel have had temperatures that frequently vary by 1° F, which may indicate separate water sources.
  • The Beyond (the brackish water tunnel beyond the Deep Salt Tunnel) is usually a spring (a diver swims into flow when entering this tunnel). Flow has been observed mixing with saltwater from the Deep Salt Tunnel but no siphon lead carrying the brackish water beyond the intersection with the Deep Salt Tunnel has been discovered. The survey shows that the Beyond has been pushed to the vicinity of an office building at the corner of US 19 and Hudson Ave. Residents have informed the dive team that in the past a sinkhole opened in the vicinity of the office and was filled in by the County. When the sink was filled, flow at Hudson Spring at the west end of Hudson Avenue decreased dramatically. It is possible that the Beyond is pirating flow that once discharged to Hudson Spring. There are undoubtedly numerous unexplored leads in the Beyond. This estimation is based on the fact that most of the exploration in this area was performed in tannic water with 2 to 3 feet visibility.
  • Tornado Alley is an area of high flow and rock breakdown, which survey data have shown to be located directly beneath Spring #822-241A. No passage through the breakdown or access to the surface have been discovered at this time. On top of the breakdown pile there are two impassable vents carrying water to the surface while some of the water flows passed the breakdown pile into a narrow bedding plane that remains impassable in spite of numerous attempts to negotiate it.
  • Even though it was discovered in the Spring of 1996 over a year after exploration began, the Main Street Tunnel is believed to be the primary passage. Main Street has considerably less silt than other brackish water tunnels in the cave. It is a strong siphon toward the Gulf at low tide and a strong spring inland at high tide. Swimming toward the entrance to the Main Street Tunnel, the direction of flow can abruptly change from spring to siphon. This may be a groundwater divide created at low tide with some water flowing toward the Main Street Tunnel and some water flowing toward Spring #822-241A.
  • The Main Street G Tunnel is one of numerous leads off the Main Street Tunnel. While the Main Street Tunnel generally trends to the southwest, the G Tunnel trends to the northeast. The G Tunnel is a spring and the water is less tannic and cooler than the rest of the system. The G Tunnel is heading under a section of canal northeast of the Sink that is usually clear and is fed by seven small spring vents. It is possible that continued exploration will lead to cave passage with clearer water.
The hydraulic complexities of the system are only beginning to be understood. Additional exploration and survey combined with water sampling for key components such as chloride, sulfide, and total dissolved solids may provide some clues to the sources of water in the system.
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Latitude: 28.36843
Longitude: -82.6945
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 280'
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School Sink, NSS/CDS
Date Submitter Visbility Remarks
8/16/2013 Tracey N (via CDF) 10-15' We dove School Sink today and the place was a mess. Homeless people have trashed the place. The steps and railing to the water are completely broken off which made exit and entry into the sink very interesting. Trash is everywhere. If we would have had any bags with us we would have picked up some of the trash. It really is bad.

The sink is very tannic and there was only about 10-15 ft of vis in the cave. However the vis did improve further back once inside the smaller tunnels. You could actually see the walls of the cave. The haloclines in there were very neat as well. Made for some cool optical effects. The water temperature was a nice comfy 77 degrees. For once I didn't get cold on a dive. In many places the line was buried in the silt. You definitely didn't want to travel more than a hand's distance away from the line at any point.

It's not the prettiest of caves right now but it is neat and different and unlike any cave I've ever been in. Made for an awesome low vis/buddy and cave awareness training dive.
10/22/2012 Jack 10 ft Did the Main St. circuit. Water was very tannic with lots of particulate. Viz was 10 ft or less.
7/22/2012 Jack Marut 2 feet or less I took a look to see how bad things were in School Sink since tropical storm Debbie and the recent heavy rains. I went in just before the high tide and the water level in the basin was over the top platform of the steps. The water in the system was a cloudy, dark reddish brown, like strong tea or maybe weak coffee. Visibility was two feet or less on the Main St. circuit. Basically it was a line drill.
6/9/2012 Eric Deister 50 Did a nice 90 min dive, great vis.
11/13/2011 Gypsy Diver 30 ft in some areas Dove School Sink Sunday morning at what looked to be very low tide, all but last small step was above water. Alicia and I did the circuit so she could get better familiarized with the system. Basin water was 68 degrees, system was 73 degrees. There were spots where the vis went straight to s---(at the far snap and gap)and others like Main Street where vis was 20-30 ft. It seems to be clearing up the more we don't get rain in the area. I checked the vis before the dive and the water was very clear but shallow, checked vis again after dive water was up and vis was down, milky due to incoming tide.
7/10/2011 Eric Deister 20 Been awhile since anyone has been in there, viz was nice.
1/22/2011 Rick H 5 - 15 First time in the system on over two years. Just did the circuit. Viz on Main St was absolute crap. Was a little better elsewhere. Still, was a great dive in one of my favorite systems! :-)
10/19/2010 Brett 30 Went up Golden Brick Road to the Green Water Tunnel. Flow in Golden Brick Road was howling!
6/21/2009 Don Currie 30' This was my first dive at Wayne's World. Did the circuit with Walter and Eric. From what I hear, the visibility was good for this time of year. I was happy with it. The haloclines were my favorite part, and they definitely keep you on your toes. The cave is really beautiful. Colt and Joe were headed in after us, I hope I didn't leave it in too bad shape :-)
6/21/2009 Walter Pickel 30' Did a great guided dive of "The Circuit" for someone who had never been in Wayne's World -- he loved it! We dove on a flowing tide and had a nice positive flow to swim against down Main Street. Conditions are good in the system but it is very obvious that the Main Street side of the cave has not been dove much recently. Viz is consistently 30' and as Joe previously posted; hazy with an over abundance of haloclines - makes the dive that much more beautiful.

For more information regarding guided dives at Wayne's World, check out School Sink Diving.
6/15/2009 Joe Tegg 30-40ft Basin : Slightly tannic with a green hue. Slight milky haze in the water column also. Vis 20-30ft. Cave : Vis was "pretty good" at 30-40ft. Pockets and areas of fresh water all over the cave passages (due to the rains). This created a lot of haloclines in the system. Mainstreet has a halocline for most of the passage, thus diver #2 (me) could do the dive without a mask. Surface : The new fencing seems to have helped with the local traffic. I saw no evidence of recent 4-wheeler traffic and very little evidence of foot traffic. There is erosion taking place at the steps from the water flowing into the sink. Steps are still solid for now.
7/26/2008 Rick Hartman 10 Did a couple hundred feet down the deep salt tunnel and then turned on viz and did the circuit. There was tannic intrusion everywhere I went, along with a bunch of sulfide and haloclines. The best vis I saw was about 10'. Also, the mosquitos were terrible. From now on, repellant is going to be a permanant part of my dive bag. Dive time was 65 minutes plus 12 minutes of deco.
7/20/2008 Rick Hartman 15'-20' The water in the basin is so high that it is spilling over the top. The first 10 feet are still quite tannic, but other than that the basin and the cave was very clear (at least until I got in there and started replacing line).

I replaced the gold line from the basin to the first T. Per Joe T's request, I put several loops in the line so he can hang bottles and stuff off of it. It looks pretty good, but I will go back in there to double check it next week and tighten it up if it stretches after a week in the water.
7/13/2008 Rick Hartman 15-20 After all the rain, the basin is full all the way to the top. I've never seen it that full.

The basin is nasty and tannic with only a couple of inches of vis right up until you get to the actual cave entrance. Once inside the cave, it cleared up to 15 - 20' or so. All in all, it was a great dive.

The gold line needs to be fixed. There are several spots between the basin and the "T" that are down to just a couple of strands. If that breaks while someone is in there on a lousy vis day, they might have a hard time finding their way out.

I don't mind fixing it, but I probably won't be back there for a couple of weeks. Also, I would need to get my hands on some gold line - does anyone know where I can get some?

In the meantime, if anyone is going there, you might want to think about running your own line from the O2 hanger line at 20' to the T.

6/22/2008 Jay Titen 10' - 15' Dive was at noon and tide was very high, water was up to top step. Made a trip down golden brick road, vis was pretty poor most of the dive and flow was deffinetly noticable in golden brick road. Vis is the sink was 5-10' max and made for unexciting deco.
6/4/2008 Rick Hartman 10-20 Went about 800' down Main St and then turned around, went back and did the circuit. Normal WW viz (lousy). Overall a very good dive though.
4/27/2008 Joe Tegg 15'-20' Dove it on 4/27 at around 11am. Vis in the basin was about 5-10ft and greenish. Vis in the cave was mostly a milky 15-20ft and mostly salt water. There was a halocline for about 40% of the dive, with one long section of about 300ft or so of all halocline. All in all an average day in the world.
3/1/2008 Rick Hartman 5 - 20 Did two great dives today. Overall, viz was decent enough with the usual bad spots, along with lots of haloclines. With the springs all blown out, this is a really nice alternative. There was a strong flow for both dives.
2/16/2008 Rick Hartman 10 - 20 With the rain, I was expecting viz to be horrible. Turned out to be better than I've seen it in a while. Basin was the clearest I've seen it.
1/5/2008 Rick Hartman 5 - 20 Same as last week. Decent vis in some places, very cloudy in others.
12/29/2007 Rick Hartman 3 - 20 Dove on a high tide and the flow was strong. I swam along with the flow so I didn't notice how hard it was, but it was stirring up a bunch of particulate which reduced the vis a lot. Most of the vis along Main St was 5 feet or less because of the particulate. The Shortcut tunnel and the entrance tunnel had areas of decent vis - 20' or so with a few areas of 5' due to cloudy water. There were only a couple of haloclines.
12/22/2007 Rick Hartman 5-10 Vis is pretty much the same as it was last weekend. The water is quite cloudy with very little particulate. I am in the early stages of installing some fencing around the roadway in the hopes of making it a little more difficult for the locals to get their shopping carts into there to dump them in our sink. I got two posts set after my dive today and I will get some more in next weekend.
12/15/2007 Rick Hartman 5 - 10 Each week, the vis has been getting a little bit worse. Today it was mostly 5 - 10 with a few areas that were better. I did time the tides better this time around and did my whole dive with no flow.
12/8/2007 Rick Hartman 10 - 15 Vis in the basin was quite good, but dropped to 10 - 15 ft or less for the rest of the dive. Strong flow on main street with a lot of particulate.
11/10/2007 Rick Hartman 15 - 20 Did the main circuit again. Timed the tides perfectly so there was no flow for the entire dive. Viz was mostly good, but was quite murky in some spots. Overall a very good dive.
10/30/2007 Irene Odell 30-40 Began dive at low tide and encountered the best viz I've seen to date! *Very* strong flow in the Deep Salt Tunnel. And the big bonus is that its getting too chilly for the locals!
10/21/2007 Rick Hartman 30 - 40 My first time in the system, I did the gold line circuit with Walter and Ben... Thanks guys!! What a great place to dive, and right in my own neck-of-the-woods! I have been wanting to get in there for about a year now, but back then a friend wisely advised me to get some more dives under my belt before I tried it. After doing my first dive there, I am VERY glad I listened to him. We entered the system at high tide, went left at the entrance T and rode the syphon for 400' or so until we passed the Deep Salt jump. At that point we were swimming into the flow for the next 700' or so, and what a flow it was! Walter said it seemed like a higher flow than usual for the system - to me if felt like a Ginnie or a Madison flow. The difference was that you have to swim it instead of pulling and gliding. The high flow also stirred up the deep silt so the viz was pretty low for a lot of this section (and I'm sure it was MUCH worse behind me). After passing the snap & gap to the shortcut tunnel, we went through 50' or so of a halocline which was really cool as well. All in all, it was about a 50 minute dive in a system with a lot of character.
5/3/2007 Walter Pickel 35 Started out replacing the goldline from the steps to the main tie off. Ending up thumbing the dive because of yet another rouge shopping cart that found its way to the entrance. We extracted the cart and Scuba West is returning the cart to Winn-Dixie. We will try again next week.
3/18/2007 Walter Pickel 35 First time I have dove WW during daylight in over a year. I forgot how nice it was in the chimney when there is actually good vis. Although there has been limited in the area the visibility was very good (30'-35'). We dove on a dead low again so I am going to follow that trend next time. Haloclines were abundant which made for an enjoyable dive.

Upon entering, we found the gold line from the big arrow towards Main Street was limp. We tightened it up a bit but it still needs some work. Additionally, some the lines have been re-staked on Main Street and we found a reel of bright yellow line just before the Short Cut. Not sure who is doing what but they aren't doing a very good job.
12/20/2006 Walter Pickel 30 Brett thinks this was a fluke. We dove on the bottom of a low tide and the system was GORGEOUS! I haven't seen this good of viz in a quite some time. If it was a fluke, I am glad I was there.

We simply did the gold line circuit and a few hundred feet down Main Street. Flow was pulling us the entire dive so it was great. Again, super viz!
12/13/2006 Maestro 15' Overall viz is cloudy due to lack of rain / spring feeds. Tops of the domes are around 30' with 15' in the cave.
11/11/2006 John LaManna 20-25 w/particulates System is starting to clear up again. Some heavy particulate in water, but vis was actually pretty decent. At 2300' on main street after dropping down, vis got even better.
9/24/2006 John LaManna 5' Visibility is completely blow out as of Sunday. I don't know what happened, other than the dry conditions caused the sink not to have enough pressure to keep the tannic out. Major tannic intrusion. Vis 5 - 6' max, and less.
9/14/2006 John LaManna 30-40' Did solo dive to place more concrete line placements where needed. Went past mud restriction. System started siphoning on return. Great vis for this time of year. Whoever (Walter?) found my scooter tow rope and hung in on the line, thanks. Got it back yesterday.
9/13/2006 John LaManna 30-40 NOTE: there are now line markers every 100' up to 1800'. More will be added by end of weekend. Please leave concrete line placements where we placed them. Someone pulled one out of a hole it was in, and It had the line too high up off the floor. Any questions, comments, etc. contact me.
9/7/2006 Walter Pickel 0'-20' We decided to check out the new line on Main Street. Took the long way around and out to the end of the Canyons. The Deep Salt Tunnel was SPEWING quarter-sized detritus and BLOWING. Made for very low viz but a swift dive to the Main Street snap-and-gap. This was the heaviest siphoning I have seen there. What else should we have expected with a full moon during a mean tide cycle. Alex & John have done great job with the lines and staking. The T's at the entrance and exit of the Canyons are gone and it is nice gold line.
7/1/2006 Walter Pickel 10'-15' Shortest dive ever at Wayne's World. While clipping off O2 at 20' I noticed a safe wanting to roll into the cave entrance. We called the dive...We also called the Pasco Sheriff. Apparently, there have been quite a few safe thefts recently. Consider the system closed until the Pasco Sheriff's Dive Team lifts the safe. No one would want that thing to roll and block the entrance while you were in the system. Odds are it wouldn't budge. Safe is 6'x2'x3'. Looks new too!
6/17/2006 Stacey Sandrey 20'-30' First time at Wayne's World. Did the main line circuit. I didn't realize there were haloclines, which were very cool. Did the circuit in 30 minutes.
6/4/2006 Eric Deister 10 feet Dove it.... it was dark, wet and there was a lot of rocks in there... oh and my buddy said he got to do a zero viz line drill behind me on the whole dive...
5/2/2006 Walter Pickel 15 This dive we were headed out to Golden Brick Road. Viz on the way in was a cloudy 15' at best. After the snap-n-gap it got a bit worse and passed the first crow's foot in the Deep Salt Tunnel viz went to basically nothing. We turned the dive and exited the long way around. Viz never got better than 15' and was very cloudy.
4/24/2006 Walter Pickel 5'-30' Dove on a low tide again but it wasn't bad. We went out to the Canyons, turned at the T and exited the opposite direction. Nice long dive. Viz in Main Street was good but the haloclines were on overdrive out to the Canyons. At the first T the viz got a lot better. There were a couple of spots on Main Street with 100' of viz (spring feeder areas). Again, viz wasn't bad at all.

A couple of buddies were getting in after us to do Golden Brick Road but they didn't quite make it that far.
4/24/2006 Eric Deister 30 Got a real late start, my buddy had some reg problems on the surface, made it through the tourist trap, vis was great but my buddy thumbed the dive there do to rebreather problems..
4/11/2006 Walter Pickel 10' We dove on a low tide and as expected the water was warm but the viz was crappy. The spring feeds did make some great haloclines though. Viz in the Deep Salt Tunnel was much better than Main Street or the circuit.
4/1/2006 John LaManna 25' Had two fun dives at Wayne's World last Saturday with my friend Lee Schoeppner. It was his first time there, so I took him on the circuit first. We went left at all the "T's and went a counter-clockwise direction. The vis varied from around 25', down to 5' in the deeper section at 115' depth, and after ascending thru a magnificent halocline with real cool effects, the water clarity improved over 30'. Had a 48 minute dive, very little deco. The second dive, we went right at the first three way split and headed towards the snap and gap at the 300' marker. The system was slightly springing at mid afternoon high tide, and the vis was a little messy with some particulate. Maybe 15'. Besides our first dive, there was two other teams in there, and I was wondering what kind of shape the vis was in after all that activity. I connected the snap and gap, and put a personal marker on the line, and we went mainstreet line (left-west). The vis improved to about 40 feet, and we enjoyed some beautiful formations along the way. We continued on until we reached the next "T", that I marked again with a clothespin, and we went left and followed the line west towards the gulf. The passages get a little lower, but there's so much to look at, including some jumps that I want to explore in future dives. We turned the dive at 38 minutes penetration, our max depth was 100', and went thru some more haloclines on the way out. There are also some pretty sandbanks like Cow springs in there, with nice layering, and some areas of high canyon walls. I highly recommend a visit to this system before the summer rains start. Be sure to go with someone who knows the system, so you can get the most out of your dive there.
3/24/2006 Jay Titen 15'-20' Heading towards the shortcut tunnel vis was about 15ft. Very nice halocline through the shortcut tunnel. I headed up the circuit for about 700ft then turned back, decided to check out mainstreet. Both mainstreet and the circuit were siphoning with about 15-20' vis. There's a huge fish carcass under the stairs, obviously someone cleaned it then left it there. It definitely didn't come from the cave system. Also took the dollar mart shopping cart and left it at the Hudson Bowl, didn't know where the Dollar Mart was.
3/22/2006 Walter Pickel 20-30' Did the Gold Line Circuit (again). It was a very nice dive. We dove on a slack tide and rode the siphon for most of the dive. In the area between the Main Street and the Deep Salt snap viz was GREAT (limited particulate). the white walls were very apparent tonight. Additionally, the haloclines were very active tonight and really helped to illuminate the spring feeds into the system.
3/9/2006 Tom Pearcy 20' Did the Gold Line Circuit with Walter, my second time in the system. In spite of the vis compared with NFL the system is spectacular, I can't wait to get back, yep, I'm hooked! Shot video of the entire dive and it turned out better than I would have thought. The tide was just right as it seemed like the only time we used our fins was for course correction so we just sort of floated along enjoying the sights.
3/2/2006 Walter Pickel 15-25' Dove on a low tide and did the goldline circuit. Very limited flow throughout. Towards the Deep Salt Tunnel there was a slight siphon and the viz got better than 20'.
2/12/2006 J.L. 5 Thanks out to Captain Roberts for the tour of this magnificent cave system. It was like diving alone the vis was so poor. First time a dive was spent in total blackness for 70% of dive. Would do it again if the water didn't taste so bad. Made it nearly to the end of the Canyons (1691' mark), some of the areas opened up to 10' vis, most of the dive was less than 2'. Good to be back in FL. See everyone again in March.
2/9/2006 Walter Pickel 8-12' The rains have taken their toll on the system. We did the Canyons and viz never got better than 10' or so. Additionally, the system is tannic now. But on a lighter note, the blue crab that was in the basin a couple of weeks ago is resting in peace at the cave entrance. Looks like all the fresh water from the rain took its toll on him too...
2/2/2006 Walter Pickel 30-50' We were fortunate enough to dive on an extremely high tide. The system was siphoning from the entrance making the visibility was spectacular. In first room down to the snap-and-gap for Main Street the visibility was about 50'.

We did Main Street to the Canyons and turned. We exited via the Gold Line Circuit the opposite way we entered. So we did the Canyons and the Gold Line Circuit. As I type this we are getting thunderstorms in Tampa so I can't imagine that these conditions will hold much longer.
1/27/2006 Walter Pickel 30' Another amazing dive thanks to Mr. Hemphill. Brett was kind enough to take me down the Golden Brick Road. We made it to within a couple hundred feet of the end of that line. What an amazing part of the cave.

Viz was great but I suspect we will be losing it soon.
1/19/2006 Walter Pickel 20' The viz wasn't quite as good as a few weeks ago. Brett says that there may only be a few good weeks left. We dove the goldline to the Boulders and then did the snap-n-gap to Mainstreet to around the Canyons. Nice dive although the particulate was made worse by the fact we had a 3-man team. 2 CCRs and me :)
1/12/2006 Walter Pickel 30' Viz looks good around the gold line circuit. There is a nice stainless steel Winn-Dixie shopping cart at the duck-under. If any lifts it a picture would be great. Winn-Dixie is a customer of mine and I have touched based with the store manager in Hudson. He said if we lift it out he will pick it up.
12/29/2005 Jay Titen 20ft The basin was crystal clear. I could see the entire solution tube and duck under of the cave from the surface, but once you enter the cave the visibility drops to about 15-20ft. I went at 1pm and it was slack tide. There was no flow headed towards mainstreet and the circuit.
12/23/2005 Walter Pickel 30' Great viz for this system. We did the gold line circuit and viz was 30' the entire time.
12/1/2005 Jay Titen 10-25ft Starting to clear up. Average vis of about 15ft through most of the dive with some areas worse than that.
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 Overview Information Available for Wards Sink  Ward's Sink 198 True True True 9/30/2022 8.2
 Overview Information Available for Hudson Grotto  Hudson Grotto 110 False True True 10/30/2021 1.6
   Arch Sink 197 True True False 7/18/2021 8.1
   Palm Sink 197 True True True 10/15/2019 1
   Rock Sink False False True 3/24/2019 6.4
 Overview Information Available for Salt Spring  Salt Spring 330 True False False 12/13/2014 5.4
   Isabella Spring 110 True False False 5/22/2013 2.4
   Free Ride Cave 120 True False False 10/10/2009 2.5
 Overview Information Available for Cedar Island Springs  Cedar Island Springs False False False 9/19/2009 1.1
   Double Keyhole 230 True False False 1/11/2009 3.4
 Overview Information Available for Horseshoe Spring  Horseshoe Spring True True False 1/10/2009 2
   Heart Spring 270 True True False 8/3/2008 2.9
 Overview Information Available for Bobhill Springs  Bobhill Springs False False False 12/29/2007 5.6
 Overview Information Available for Jewfish Sink  Jewfish Sink 200 True False False 9/2/2007 4.3
   The Jewel 315 True True False 6/2/2006 3.1
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Round Sink  Beacon Woods - Round Sink 150 True True False 9/25/2005 2.7
   Nemesis Sink 250 True True True 7
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Nexxus  Beacon Woods - Nexxus 150 True False False 2.2
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Smokehouse Pond  Beacon Woods - Smokehouse Pond 150 True False False 1.5
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Golfball  Beacon Woods - Golfball 150 True False False 1.5
   Willow Sink True False False 12.1
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Briar Sink  Beacon Woods - Briar Sink 150 True False False 1.6
   Garden World Sink 250 True False False 3.7
   Brett's Toilet Bowl 40 True False False 5.7
   Cauldron Spring 85 True False False 5.7
   Gar Spring True False False 5
   Whiskey Spring True False False 5.2
   Coffee Sink False False False 7.3
   Snook Spring 120 True False False 2.5
   Star Sun Spring 120 True False False 2.5
   Wolf Sink False False False 12.5
 Overview Information Available for Beacon Woods - Stratamax  Beacon Woods - Stratamax 150 True False False 1.7