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Portions of the following information were taken from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

Sheppard Spring is located in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge approximately 22 miles south of Tallahassee. From the intersection of Capital Circle (US 319) and SR 363 (Woodville Highway), travel south 13.2 miles to US 98. Turn west (right) and drive 3.4 miles to Wakulla Beach Road. Turn south (left) and drive approximately 1 mile to the Florida Trail crossing. Park in the Florida Trail parking area. The spring can be accessed by canoeing/kayaking to the head of Sheppard Spring Creek from Wakulla Beach via Goose Creek Bay. The spring can also be reached by hiking to it on the Florida Trail (access point on Wakulla Beach Road). No roads lead to the spring, however, the Florida National Wild and Scenic Trail system has a spur route leading to the spring from the north. From the Florida Trail parking area along Wakulla Beach Road, walk west on the Florida Trail approximately 3 miles to the spring.

Description - Sheppard Spring pool is slightly ovoid, measuring 90 ft east to west and 105 ft north to south. It is 25 ft deep near the center, with steep, sand sides. Two vents have been recognized. The water is clear bluish-green. Long filamentous algae cover the majority of the soft sand bottom. The spring has an abundance of fallen logs and a detritus layer covering most of the bottom. No boil was observed on the spring surface during the November 2002 visit. Plants and trees completely surround the spring pool and its run. The spring run averages 2 to 3 ft deep, 15 ft wide, and meanders southward for over a mile. It empties into Goose Creek Bay, approximately 4 miles west of the mouth of the St. Marks River. Sheppard Spring is a pristine, wild spring situated within the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. The surrounding Gulf Coastal lowlands are heavily forested with palm, hardwoods, and pine.

Utilization - The spring is undeveloped and remote, surrounded by National Wildlife Refuge land.
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Latitude: 30.125297
Longitude: -84.285739
Coordinate System:
Maximum Depth: 180'
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 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Devils Ear / Eye  Ginnie Springs - Devil's Ear / Eye 173 True True True 4/14/2019 97.2
 Overview Information Available for Morrison Springs  Morrison Springs 50 False True True 4/13/2019 103.2
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock I  Peacock Springs - Peacock I 175 True True False 4/6/2019 68.9
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Orange Grove  Peacock Springs - Orange Grove 175 True True True 3/6/2019 69
 Overview Information Available for Hole In The Wall  Hole In The Wall 110 True False False 3/3/2019 68.9
 Overview Information Available for Twin Caves  Twin Caves 100 True False False 3/2/2019 68.6
 Overview Information Available for Jackson Blue Spring  Jackson Blue Spring 105 True True False 1/1/2019 68.5
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock III  Peacock Springs - Peacock III 214 True False False 11/23/2018 68.9
 Overview Information Available for Lafayette Blue Springs  Lafayette Blue Springs 100 True False False 11/4/2018 63.3
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring  Ginnie Springs - Ginnie Spring 60 False True True 9/25/2018 97
 Overview Information Available for Troy Spring  Troy Spring 70 False True True 9/25/2018 77.5
 Overview Information Available for Vortex Spring  Vortex Spring 157 True True True 9/23/2018 108.6
 Overview Information Available for Manatee Springs - Catfish Hotel  Manatee Springs - Catfish Hotel 105 True True True 8/25/2018 90
 Overview Information Available for Hart Springs - Little Hart  Hart Springs - Little Hart 80 True False False 8/11/2018 85.7
 Overview Information Available for Cow Spring  Cow Spring 110 True False False 6/16/2018 70.1
   Leon Sinks - Emerald Sink 180 True True False 2/17/2018 12.4
 Overview Information Available for Charles Spring  Charles Spring 80 True False False 12/8/2017 63.1
 Overview Information Available for Allen Mill Pond  Allen Mill Pond True False False 10/11/2017 62.4
 Overview Information Available for Bozel Spring  Bozel Spring 110 True False False 9/3/2017 74.6
 Overview Information Available for Telford Spring  Telford Spring 80 True False False 8/4/2017 66.9
 Overview Information Available for Cypress Spring  Cypress Spring 70 False True True 7/7/2017 91.1
 Overview Information Available for Jesss Hole  Jess's Hole True False False 7/4/2017 99.6
 Overview Information Available for Anderson Spring  Anderson Spring 80 True False False 7/2/2017 67.4
 Overview Information Available for Mcbrides Slough  Mcbride's Slough 90 True False False 6/22/2017 8
 Overview Information Available for Pot Spring  Pot Spring 70 True False False 6/18/2017 67.1
   Lafayette Blue - Kitty Sink 100 True False False 12/31/2016 62.8
 Overview Information Available for Lineater Spring  Lineater Spring True False False 12/8/2016 70.5
   Lafayette Blue - Trap Sink 100 True False False 11/21/2016 62.7
 Overview Information Available for Indian Springs  Indian Springs 110 True False False 10/20/2016 8.9
 Overview Information Available for Suwannee Blue Spring  Suwannee Blue Spring 40 True False False 6/28/2016 72.8
 Overview Information Available for Ebro Blue  Ebro Blue True True False 3/12/2016 96.9
 Overview Information Available for Convict Spring  Convict Spring 30 True False False 11/23/2015 71.1
 Overview Information Available for Alligator Rescue Spring  Alligator Rescue Spring True False False 10/23/2015 66.9
 Overview Information Available for Jug Spring  Jug Spring 80 True True False 10/17/2015 91.9
   Powerline Cave 60 True False False 9/17/2015 63.6
 Overview Information Available for Church Sink  Church Sink 67 True False False 8/17/2015 18.1
 Overview Information Available for Wilson Spring  Wilson Spring True False False 7/18/2015 92.7
 Overview Information Available for Mearson Springs  Mearson Springs True False False 6/6/2015 75.6
 Overview Information Available for Owens Spring  Owens Spring 45 True False False 6/6/2015 74.6
 Overview Information Available for Rock Bluff Spring  Rock Bluff Spring 65 True False False 5/10/2015 84.9
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Peacock II  Peacock Springs - Peacock II True False False 4/8/2015 68.9
 Overview Information Available for Cathedral Sink  Cathedral Sink 200 True False False 12/29/2014 70.6
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Dogwood Spring  Ginnie Springs - Dogwood Spring 43 True False False 9/7/2014 96.7
   Harvey's Cave 280 True False False 6/20/2014 3.7
 Overview Information Available for Shangri-la Springs  Shangri-la Springs 40 True True True 5/31/2014 68.7
 Overview Information Available for Falmouth Spring  Falmouth Spring 200 True False False 1/1/2014 70.6
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Waterhole III  Peacock Springs - Waterhole III 55 True False False 9/26/2013 68.8
 Overview Information Available for Holmes Blue  Holmes Blue 90 True False False 3/25/2013 107.7
 Overview Information Available for Cherokee Sink  Cherokee Sink 80 True True True 9/1/2012 6.2
 Overview Information Available for Royal Spring  Royal Spring 50 True True True 8/4/2012 72.4
   Leon Sinks - Promise Sink True False False 6/15/2012 11.6
 Overview Information Available for Maund Spring  Maund Spring 70 True False False 5/12/2012 70.1
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink  Leon Sinks - Upper River Sink True False False 2/9/2012 11.1
 Overview Information Available for Gator Hole Spring  Gator Hole Spring 115 True False False 1/17/2012 100.9
 Overview Information Available for Gator Hole  Gator Hole 42 True False False 9/28/2011 69.2
 Overview Information Available for Cassidy Spring  Cassidy Spring True False False 9/11/2011 22.8
 Overview Information Available for Morgan Spring  Morgan Spring 208 True False False 9/4/2011 67.5
 Overview Information Available for Rose Creek - Sink  Rose Creek - Sink 165 True True False 7/4/2011 95.1
 Overview Information Available for Ginnie Springs - Little Devils  Ginnie Springs - Little Devil's True False False 7/1/2011 97.2
   Syphon Creek - Resurgence True False False 6/23/2011 94.7
 Overview Information Available for Fanning Springs  Fanning Springs False False True 6/12/2011 89.1
   Leon Sinks - Whiskey Mill Sink 220 True False False 6/11/2011 10.8
   Syphon Creek - Myrtle's Fissure 95 True False False 6/9/2011 94.7
 Overview Information Available for Bathtub Spring  Bathtub Spring 20 True False False 2/5/2011 71
 Overview Information Available for Rose Creek - Swallet  Rose Creek - Swallet 40 True False False 2/5/2011 95.1
 Overview Information Available for Crazy Horse Sink  Crazy Horse Sink 60 True False False 1/30/2011 63.6
   Leon Sinks - Go Between Sink True False False 1/19/2011 11.6
 Overview Information Available for Otter Springs  Otter Springs 55 True False False 1/17/2011 87
   Little Blue Spring True False False 8/21/2010 22.7
 Overview Information Available for Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring  Peacock Springs - Baptizing Spring True False False 8/15/2010 68.6
 Overview Information Available for Adams Spring  Adams Spring True False False 8/4/2010 68.3
 Overview Information Available for Williford Spring  Williford Spring True True True 6/16/2010 78.4
   Hatchet Sink True True False 4/9/2010 3.8
   Leon Sinks - Big Dismal Sink 250 True False False 1/18/2010 13.7
   Leon Sinks - Little Dismal 250 True False False 1/18/2010 13.6
   Leon Sinks - Gopher Hole True False False 1/18/2010 13.2
 Overview Information Available for Branford Spring  Branford Spring 101 True False False 1/16/2010 82
   Leon Sinks - Innisfree Sink True False False 12/5/2009 10.7
 Overview Information Available for Sun Springs  Sun Springs True False False 11/14/2009 86
 Overview Information Available for Bonnet Spring  Bonnet Spring 48 True False False 8/15/2009 68.6
 Overview Information Available for Rose Creek - Mccormick Sink  Rose Creek - Mccormick Sink 150 True True False 3/1/2009 95
   Indian Washtub 82 True False False 11/3/2008 68.7
 Overview Information Available for Turtle Spring  Turtle Spring True False False 12/26/2007 85.7
 Overview Information Available for Hidden Spring  Hidden Spring True False False 6/1/2006 70
   Charcoal Sink True False False 3.8
   Thomas Spring True False False 63.1
   Leon Sinks - Cheryl Sink 110 True True False 12.6
 Overview Information Available for Coffee Pot Sink  Coffee Pot Sink 65 True False False 68.5
 Overview Information Available for Sunbeam Spring  Sunbeam Spring 80 True False False 91.7
   Double Sink True False False 81.4
 Overview Information Available for Rossetter Spring  Rossetter Spring True False False 68.2
 Overview Information Available for Sawdust Spring  Sawdust Spring True False False 96.7
 Overview Information Available for Suwannee Springs  Suwannee Springs 140 True False False 82.8
   Goul De Tannerie False False False 67.9
 Overview Information Available for Tanner Spring  Tanner Spring 130 True False False 67.9
   Meeting House Sink True False False 10.5
 Overview Information Available for Little Otter Springs  Little Otter Springs True False False 86.4
   Sandbag Spring True False False 72.2
   Leon Sinks - Split Sink 45 True False False 12.5
 Overview Information Available for Gunpower Sink  Gunpower Sink 120 False True False 97.8
 Overview Information Available for Running Springs  Running Springs False False False 69.9
 Overview Information Available for Chips Hole  Chip's Hole 120 True False False 11.2
   Syphon Creek - Big Awesome 110 True False False 95.6
   Aquarius Sink 128 True False False 70.6
   Big Bamboo Sink 148 True False False 69.8
   Jade Hole 162 True False False 69.7
 Overview Information Available for Spring Creek  Spring Creek True False False 4.1
   Leon Sinks - Turner Sink True False False 10.2
 Overview Information Available for Lime Spring  Lime Spring True False False 69.1
   Syphon Creek - Lil' Awesome 80 True False False 95.3
 Overview Information Available for Sally Ward Spring  Sally Ward Spring 350 True False False 8.1
   Syphon Creek - Swallow Hole 188 True False False 95.1
 Overview Information Available for Coffee Springs  Coffee Springs 65 True False False 68.6
   Kelly Sink True False False 13.2
   Ames Sink True False False 13.4
 Overview Information Available for Ryles Spring  Ryles Spring False False False 141.4
 Overview Information Available for Alapaha River Rise  Alapaha River Rise True False False 74.6
   Firecracker Cave 120 True False False 68.1
 Overview Information Available for Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs  Leon Sinks - Wakulla Springs 320 True True False 7.6
 Overview Information Available for Holton Creek Rise  Holton Creek Rise True False False 76.4
 Overview Information Available for Owls Eye Spring  Owl's Eye Spring 40 True False False 67.4
   Leon Sinks - Sullivan Sink 225 True False False 13.4
   Syphon Creek - Track One True False False 94.9